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Bundespräsident in Tansania Okt./Nov. 2023

Bundespräsident in Tansania Okt./Nov. 2023

The good, the bad and the ugly of the German colonial legacy

The Citizen,

All railway stations along the German-built central railway line depict German features

„All railway stations along the German-built central railway line depict German features. We see this in Dar es Salaam, and it is heartening to learn that the old Dar es Salaam Railway Station building is not to be demolished in the light of the new SGR station.

Other impressive railway station buildings are to be found at Dodoma, Tabora, Kigoma and elsewhere. There are also other impressive German buildings like the Ocean Road Hospital in Dar es Salaam. These buildings are in a poor condition and need maintenance and restoration. They need to be preserved. “

2023-07-03 First double-deck coaches arrive in Tanzania for SGR

THE first six of 30 former German made  double-deck coaches exported to Tanzania arrived early June.

The ex-DB coaches were purchased from German Rail (DB) in 2022, were overhauled and repainted in the white and orange livery of Tanzania Railways (TRC). The interiors retain DB Regio seating. The coaches will be used by TRC on the new 25kV ac electrified Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) from Dar es Salaam to Morogoro.


2023-04-10 Crackdown on TRC Board

The Citizen: As a result of the crackdown Tanzania Railways Corporation (TRC) and Tanzania Government Flight Agency (TGFA) on Sunday, became the first casualties of the CAG report, after President Samia dissolved the TRC Board and sacked the flight agency’s Director General John Nzulule.

According to the CAG, Tanzania Railway Corporation (TRC) twice rejected the tender to purchase the locomotives and passenger couches from the lowest bidder … and instead made a non-competitive purchase of $478 million. The decision … cost the tax payer an additional $215 million (Sh507.4 billion). (Monday, April 10, 2023)

2023-01-10-Tabora-Isaka section starts

On January 18, 2023, the Vice President of Tanzania Hon. Dr. Philip Isdor Mpango has laid the foundation stone for the construction of the Tabora-Isaka section of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR). Located in the Shinyanga region, the section stretches for 165 km (130 km + 35 km of intersections. The construction of the sections, undertaken by the Turkish company Yapi Merkezi, will take 42 months and is expected to be completed in March 2026.

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2022-07-21 Trucks and tracks: Will Tanzania´s SGR ever Work?

Trucks and tracks: Will Tanzania’s SGR ever work?

By Charles Makakala, JULY 21 2022

Will the SGR ever work?–3887506