2017-10-2017 Govt to ‘buy’ abandoned locomotives

Saturday October 14, 2017, The Citizen

Dar es Salaam. The Government has said it will „buy“ some 11 locomotive engines whose abondonment ath the Dar es Salaam Port has raised controversy about their procurement,.

Works, Transport and Communications minister Prof Makame Mbarawa said the locomotives would be “bought” after an evaluation to determine their suitability.

The minister’s remarks made on Friday during an inspection tour of the port will likely draw murmurs as information on record shows that the locomotives were bought by Tanzania Railways Limited (TRL) for SI170.9 billion deal in 2013. The amount was paid in full ahead of delivery.

Prof Mbarawa did not expound on his remarks or allow questions from journalists about his supposed plan on the locomotives.

“We currently need more locomotives and wagons as we undertake several railway constructions and extensions …. so we plan to buy these locomotives if they meet our standards,” said Prof Mbarawa during the inspection of the installation of new scanners at the port.